Renan Araujo

Professional Cinematographer & Editor

Grown up surrounded by art and filled with a family of musicians, photographers, and painters, Renan fell in love with the screens. Fusing art and technology, Renan started as an amateur designer, working with apparel companies and local artists. Years later, he bought his first camcorder and started to create.

  • Experience & Specialities

    After years working in petroleum technology for a large multi-national company in Brazil, Renan decided to move to America and restart his life doing what he loves. Some past experiences include, and not limited to, are filming, editing, and producing for Boston-area production companies, as well as creating music videos for musicians. Renan is also very experienced in producing promotional videos directed for the social media audience.

  • Passion & Interests

    Some of Renan’s interests are movies, photography, music and design. He also plays the bass guitar!

  • Samples Below

    Please find samples of my video work below.