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Set That Party Tone!

Aside from the bridal party, the bride & groom play the biggest factor whether that dance floor will be packed or not throughout their wedding night. Right from the get-go we make sure that the entire wedding party is amped up and ready to rock their grand introductions as they make their way out to the ballroom. How’s that done? Leave that up to us!!!

It’s so important that the bridal party comes out energized because that will not only get their adrenaline rushing, but it will also excite the guests. From years of experience, if the bride & groom are having a blast dancing, then their guests are more inclined to dance, but if they’re barely together throughout the night while the bride is having shots with ladies and the groom is smoking stogies with the fellas, then less may dance. Trust me!!! If the bride & groom dance, then the rest of the wedding party will dance. If the wedding party dances, then their friends and family will want to dance. You feel me? Have you ever heard of a domino effect? Well there you have it folks! A trick of the trade!

Think Twice about Hiring a DJ Agency!

Have you ever come across an entertainment or DJ company whose staff is big enough to work every event in the city of Boston? Chances are you’ve come across an agency. To hire or not to hire an agency… that is the question! To make it easy for you… DON’T…  just don’t!!!

Unfortunately, most of the time you won’t even know who will be showing up at your event. Is this something you really want to chance? Nope… don’t think so! Not only so, but wouldn’t it be great to build a relationship and carry that continuity throughout your entire event planning process with one direct contact?

A true DJ ‘team’ does exactly that. It’s better to work with DJs or members of a company who work exclusively for that company. Not only do you build a great relationship with them, but you also know you’re getting someone passionate about the company they work for. Without doubt, they are going to execute that passion at your event. An exclusive team member cares about their company because they’re invested in it. It’s called PRIDE!!! Some of us consider each other as a family. Wouldn’t you rather have an entertainer who is 100% invested in his business and performance on your wedding day? YES…. I agree!