Mikey Mikey MC Gaeta

Professional MC & DJ / Vocalist

Ever since he was a little boy, entertaining people has always come natural to Mikey. After being in the entertainment industry for nearly 22 years, Mikey can honestly say that entertaining people NEVER gets old! It’s a new adventure with each and every client, venue, and crowd!

As a full-time teacher and former lead-singer of several, successful Boston-based bands, Mikey decided to pursue the DJ/MC industry when the live-music scene was no longer feasible. Looking back, it was one of the BEST decisions he has ever made in his life!

  • Experience & Specialities

    Mikey has performed in 23 states and 5 countries and loves each and every challenge he is presented with.

  • Passion & Interests

    In Mikey’s downtime, he is the proud husband of his amazing wife, Candace, and his beautiful daughter Aria. He enjoys running, weightlifting, and still does vocal exercises daily! Mikey is ecstatic to be working with amazing professionals at Phoenix Productions!

  • Samples Below

    Please find samples of my audio tracks and photos below.